The price of a dog's stay in the hotel depends on its size and length of stay. I encourage you to use a calculator that will calculate the price - just give the dog's weight and length of stay. For dogs that don't like or can't share with other dogs, please select the "Separate Dog Room" option. The room option also applies to dogs aggressive to other dogs. Dogs aggressive to strangers or household members must have sign the option "dog aggressive to human". I would recommend to bring with you dogs food so that he can eat the same food all the time. It is well known that everyone is accustomed to some kind of food that is best served to him. However, if you want to use the food we use for our dogs, you have this opportunity. It is possible to apply the tablet or medicines and eye or ear infection. If the drug can be added to the dogs eat, it is for free. However, if it have to be apply separately, then we charge extra for it.


Sex of dog:

Weight of the dog kg
I order a stay with food
The dog take medicines outside of meals

The dog has to live:
with other dogs
in separate room
only with girls
only with boys

The dog is aggressive to people