Hotel for Dogs

Only in our hotel you can get all benefits in one place.

Hotel for dogs

Hotel for dogs is not only a roof over dog's head and sleeping in warm and nice den. First of all, there are conditions to which your dog is already accustomed. To provide him comfortable conditions, the most important things in hotel is ability to have a contact with households, who talk to him use his name, stroke him and pay him attention during the walks or play. Thanks to this your dog knows somebody takes  care after him. In that kind of place dog feels safe, and time of staying in the hotel passes him quietly.

Most of dogs likes a company of other pupils so our hotel becomes their "second home", where they spent their time on walks or plays with pet sitter or with each other. Our pupils, especially after longer staying, likes our hotel for dogs very much. They feels here like home and always come back to us willingly.     

Professionalism and experience

We have been working with dogs for over 25 years. We have been training obedience and agility. Our Dog's School- DogiDog is one of the most famous places in Wroclaw, where everyone can train with his dog. We have also many of sporting successes - every year we qualify for the Polish National Agility Team World Championship. We use all our knowledge and experience to take care of your dog during his stay in our hotel for dogs. Thanks to many years of experience we know what is the best for dogs, we understand their needs and we can make your dog happy in our hotel.        

24 hour care

In our hotel we take care of your dog for 24 hours a day so you can safely relax on holidays, have fun at a party, or do all the things during a business trip or delegation. The daily schedule at the hotel is strictly set or we could adjust it to your suggestions.

Daily running in fenced area

Everyday our hotel guests running on our fenced, grasses, 4000 m2 area. We know that dogs have to move every day. In our hotel they can meet their needs - then your dog feels happier, he is calmly and can do what he loves to. It could be play with other dogs, bring the ball or going for a walks and play with people. The way of move must be choose individually. This activities are the stimulus especially for young dogs.