Day schedule in dog hotel


What your dog do when he stay at the hotel? 

Especially for your dog we can adjust daily schedule during his saying in the hotel. We want to his day in our hotel will be very similar to his day in home.

Walks for dogs 

Dogs needs walks not only for care of their physiological needs. First of all walks are opportunity to utilize stored energy, especially when dog is young. In our hotel your pupil can satiate his needs on 4000m2 grassy, fenced area. Each of our guest has at least three walks. Obviously day must start with go outside. During this walk your dog can do a pee and smarten up his self after night's sleep. On the next walk dogs go around midday. It's the main walk during the day, where dogs can run out at will. The way of activity depend on dogs needs - it could be run for a ball, play with rope, play with other hotel guests or just walking. Next go outside is on afternoon - if it's necessary. Certainly dogs go for a last walk in the evening. If you want you can order dog training for your pupil during his stay in our hotel. We will determine the range of this kind of training individually.



When I have started my adventure with dogs 30 years ago, breeders beliefed that dog should eat six times in week with one day off. The day without feeding was a result of a dogs nature - in natural enviroment woolfs doesn't eat every day. A few years later appeared a trend on feeding dogs one time in every day. Nowadays breeders tends to feed dogs two times a day, we also feed our dogs in this way. Because of that we propose this way of feeding our hotel guests. We can also prepare other the meals as recommended by the owner.    




Time for relax

After walk and feeding it's time for a rest. Dogs spend this time in heating rooms. They have their own place and access to the fresh water so they can relax. Pupils can play with each other or play toys if their want. However most of them want to spend this time for a sleeping.    



Individual approach

Every dog has their his own personality, preferences and physical condition. Sociable dogs will feel better with other pupils they can play with, other will prefer single room. We must take it into consideration and fit  day schedule in our hotel to your dog needs. In concerns also number of walks a day. Three walks a day   are usually sufficient but young dogs or puppies have to go out more often. Older dogs or convalescence also have other needs which we must care of. We set all details about special needs of your dog individually.